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1. How to express opinion in English. How to express opinion in English in my view / in my view / in my opinion. Normally you don't say “in my point of point of point of view”. You simply say in his view in his view in his view / in my view / in their in my view / in their opinion etc. О In my view, birds should not be kept in cages. Useful Expressions. I'm sorry, I don't understand. Could you please speak more slowly? Could you say that again, please? Can I ask a question? How do you say this word? How do you spell that? How do you say in English? What does mean? Expressing an opinion. I think As far as I'm concerned,. 25 PHRASES FOR EXPRESSING OPINIONS. I think. I believe. I feel. I suppose. I guess. According to me. In my view. In my opinion. In my eyes. It seems to me that. From my perspective. From my point of view. From my view point. As far as I'm concerned. Personally, I think. I'd like to point Excuse me, did you say that .? 3. Giving your opinion. In my opinion/view . If you ask me . As far as I can see/I'm concerned . It seems to me that . I have the/a feeling that . I think/feel/reckon/believe . Well, I'd say . If you want my opinion . You can take it from me that . First of all/To start with I'd like to point out . Expressing Opinion Here's a list of expressions you can use to express your opinion, agree and disagree with other people's opinions. You don't have to use all of them; choose three or four you feel comfortable using and practise them whenever you can. Expressing one's opinion. Sooner or later you will get the urge to agree or disagree with something that is being said in. English. Offering an opinion can be difficult when it is not in your first language. You may know exactly what you want to say in your native tongue, but are unsure of how to express your views in English. You may also worry that 60 minutes. Objective: To practise phrases used when expressing opinion; fluency. Key skills: Speaking, reading. Materials: A stopwatch; one copy of Worksheets 1 and 2 per student; one copy of. Worksheet 3 for each student (cut-outs to be prepared before the lesson); one copy of Worksheets 4 and 5 per group of students. Sentence Starters for Expressing an Opinion in English and Spanish. STATING YOUR OPINION. DECLARAR TU OPINION. It seems to me that In my opinion, I am of the opinion that I take the view that .. My personal view is that In my experience As far as I understand As far as I can see As I see it, USEFUL EXPRESSIONS TO EXPRESS YOUR OPINION. In my opinion, In my eyes, To my mind, As far as I am concerned, Speaking personally, From my point of view, As for me / As to me, My view / opinion / belief / impression / conviction is that I hold the view that I would say that It seems to me that . Expressing Opinions. Below are some phrases that you can use to help express opinions. Some of these phrases are more appropriate for written English such as giving your opinion in an essay whereas some can also be used in spoken. English. Personal Point of View. We use these words and phrases to express a

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