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SGS 1-35 drivers out there, I'd like to thank Red for his comprehensive recap of experience flying the 1-35 and recommendations which I endorse. (Such notes should be inserted in the factory manual) I also submit the following below in response to the often-heard comment by the uninitiated, "The 1-35 is dangerous 20 Jun 2010 SGS 1-35 C Sailplane. Flight Manual. 25 Apr 1974. 24 Jan 2002. SSP-PH-7. 1-35 Supplement #1 to SSP-PH-6. Integrated Flap – Aileron Control System. 04 Mar 1976. SSP-PH-8. 1-35 C Supplement #2 to SSP-PH-6. 10 Jun 1976. 03 Mar 1977. SSP-PH-9. 1-35 A Supplement #3 to SSP-PH-6. 17 Apr 1978. 3 Aug 2014 Check the following for proper installation, tension, safety, wear, excessive free play, evidence of corrosion or other damage. Indicate airworthiness by checking A/W block. When un-airworthy items are noted, leave appropriate block blank, until corrected. The SGS 1-35 Maintenance Instructions contain. Essco Aircraft » Aircraft Manuals » Military Aircraft » Army Glider » Army Glider SGS 1-35, C Flight Manual. Army Glider SGS 1-35, C Flight Manual. Army Glider SGS 1-35, C Flight Manual. Options: Printed Manual, Download. Our Price: $14.00. SKU: 8466:R. Quantity Add to Cart Add to Wishlist. Our Price: $14.00. Description, SGS 1-26. Preflight Diagram. Aero Towing 1-26. Winch or Auto Tows. Free Flight. Performance Curves. Aerobatics. Stalls and Spins. Landing. General Flight Procedure in High Wind. Tie Downs. 1-26 Flight Envelope Comments. 1–26 Flight Envelope Graph. 1. ERECTION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS. 11 Apr 2004 We are a group of Soaring pilots who love flying the Schweizer 1-35 sailplane. Many of us are owners, some are not, but none-the-less, we meet here to exchange information and experiences on flying this "top of the Line" Schweizer design, the SGS 1-35. The SGS 1-35 is a 15-meter class sailplane that is 17 Aug 2005 flight in the 1-35 came when I had 27 total hours in my log book. I had mentioned liking the looks of the ship and .. (I love the older Cessnas with the manual flaps). Jeff Banks N2JY. Re: Schweizer 1-35 and other flapped sailplanes, Eric Greenwell, 8/19/05 1:07 PM. Maule Driver wrote: > But I've landed in The Schweizer SGS 1-35 is a United States 15 Meter Class, single-seat, mid-wing glider built by Schweizer Aircraft of Elmira, New York. The 1-35 was first flown in 1973 and a total of 101 were completed by the time production was completed in 1982. PILOT'S OPERATING MANUAL. SCHWEZER "SPRITE". SGS 1-36. SCHWEIZER A?RCRAFT. CORPORATION. Elmira, N.Y.. SGS 1-36 “SPRITE”. The SGS 1-36 “Sprite” is approved in the high performance sailplane category. Form No. F-120. Schweizer Aircraft Corp. P.O. Box 1.47. (Chemung County Airport). Elmira, NY 1

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