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Although the guide is geared at Teutons players and day 1 starters at that, the principles underlying it are common to all races and some of the build orders are Some of you may wish for a “border” cropper, others one deeper within a quad, but in any event there are very few “holy grails,” these being village with 15 crop For the purposes of this guide we will be selecting Gauls but feel free to follow along if you pick Romans or Teutons, the information in parts 2 and 3 especially will be largely . If you feel like you calling is to help your team out and build defense choose a 4/4/4/6 (6 cropper or just 6c) as your second village. Travian Forum Teuton Guide #1 forum.travian.us/showpost.php?p=84403&postcount=32 Travian Forum Teuton Guide #2 They have very weak defense, so it will be really hard for them to keep their resources safe. The Teutons are going to . This also makes crop consumption a huge problem for Teutons. I would Blacksmith will be maxed out at 20, with axemen, Teuton Knights, rams and catapults fully upgraded. Once upgraded, the Blacksmith is demolished to make space for granary. Do not build armoury, sawmill, iron foundry, brickyard and cranny. Residence, hero mansion and walls are built as required. Six Crop Village. Basically If you want to be a Teuton, you need to make every single step in the beginning by the right way. That's the difference between But, in this guide, we will only be talking about the first stage. The best servers you want Also, don't let you crop consumption be less then -10 just for the sake of it. DON'T forget to buy 3 Mar 2012 If you plan on following this guide set your resource bonus to Crop Only, you will go into negatives if you don't do this. I would suggest (this requires levelling your hero, so add the points as you level) putting two levels worth of points (8 total) into resources on a speed server and doing about 4 (16 Points) on a normal server. 22 May 2008 Wheat oasis' within the 7x7 of those croppers • Another 15 cropper AND 9 cropper within 13x13 • Varied oasis spots within 7x7 (one of each) • 50%+ Teuton neighbors within 13x13 • More Romans than Gauls Any decent variation of the above can be considered good for Teuton prosperity. Remember too 9 Feb 2011 Teuton best guide. First of all i would like to tell u that this post is for real active and agressive players who spends about 14-16hrs a day playing Travian, at least 10-12hrs. Teuton means raid,kill and conquer and thats why Teuton is my favourite tribe and the one I have played always. The reason I like Travian Strategy- T4- Teuton early server. So as soon as the This next guide will cover the 7 days after beginners protection (on a 1x till day 10), or for you speed lovers just take every 3 days of this guide and compress it into 1. remember url: Keep in mind that I HIGHLY recommend a 150% 15 cropper. One speed

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