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?, ??????? – «if the names are not cor- rect, the speech is chaotic, if the speech is Ke Xidi (??? – ke xi di) and Li Zhaobei. Master Shimabukuro Yukinobu, 9th duan of Uechiryu performing the kata Seisan (???) . Kanbun Uechi did not bring home the original ver- sions of the Chinese styles and what he did Oyama Matsutatsu. Renbukai. Geka Yung. Uechi Ryu. Uechi Kanbun. Matsubayashi Ryu. Nagamine Shoshin. Gensey Ryu. Shukumine Seiken. Ryuei Ryu Ten no. Kata. Shotokan. /. Shotokai. Ura /. Omote. Gichin /. Yoshitaka. Funakoshi. Kata del Universo. / Kata del Cielo. Geki Sai. Dai. Goju Ryu. /. Shorinji. Ryu. Ichi / Ni. Kanbun n'enseignait que 3 Katas, Kanei creera de nouveaux katas (kanshiwa, seiryu et kanshin), Seiki Itokasu creera kanshu, Saburo Uehara creera sechin. L'Uechi Ryu est a l'heure actuelle l'un des styles majeur a Okinawa, et est reconnu pour son efficacite. Page 3 / 24 .. Koi-no-Shippo-uchi-Tate-uchi. Blocage des 2 St. Polten is not only the oldest town in Austria, but also the capital city of Lower. Austria. The long history of One interesting point about this program is that Goju Ryu Kata Seisan and Suparinpei were demonstrated before . Congratulations to Uechi Ryu Karate Do practitioner, Antonis Tzounis, who officially completed all 24 Oct 2017 a. Junbi Undo (Warm-up and Stretching) b. Hojo Undo (Basic Techniques) c. Kata (Forms) d. Yakusoku Kumite (Pre-arranged. Partnership Drills) e. 1900?s, following Kanbun's training for a number of years in China. Uechi- ryu (pronounced – “Ew-way-chee Roo”), literally translates to Uechi's way,. 15 Sep 2017 Beginners – No knowledge of Uechi Ryu or Konan Ryu. Intermediate – Some knowledge of Uechi Ryu kumite, kata, or bunkai. Advanced – Black belt rank or higher in another Uechi Ryu organization. Uechi Ryu Class with Itokazu Seisho (5 – 6:30 pm). Friday September 15, 2017. $55.00 – 1 Class. Uechiryu Karate-Do. Uechiryu is purportedly based on three animals: The Tiger, Crane and Dragon. The history of Uechiryu (Pronounced Way-Chee. -Roo), began in . Domo Arigato. Thank You. Arigato Gozaima-Shita. Thank You (more formal version). Do Itashi-Mashite. You're Welcome. Dozo. Please. Hai. Yes. Eii. No Abstract. This article introduces “Defending to the Four Directions,” techniques that add challenge to Uechi-ryu while incorporating and building upon the traditional katas which have formed the basis of the style. Making changes within a style's training methods just to be different without any other purpose is of lit- tle value Although the original name of this Chinese system is not known, Uechi-Ryu scholars are constantly striving to uncover the history of their art. Whatever the formal name, He still refused to teach his art and only once during the ensuing years reluctantly demonstrated his Kata (formal set of movements). In 1924, the Uechi Sanchin kata, Hojo Undo, Kotekitae and Kanshiwa kata without assistance. • Kanshiwa Bunkai and first three movements of Kyu Kumite little or no assistance. • Begin learning movements 4 and 5 of kyu Over 60 years of age and still actively teaching and studying Uechi Ryu karate. Kyudan (Black Belt, Ninth Degree

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