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16 Jul 2012 Attached are settings and wiring connections for the commonly-used VDO Oil Pressure Sender. This can be used to help if you are experiencing problems or if you suspect your oil pressure sender is reading incorrectly. Remember to follow these 3 Steps first when troubleshooting senders. VDO Oil Introduction Sensors for Instrumentation. Pressure Senders. For measuring gas or fluid pressure in connection with an electrical display unit. Some senders are earthed. Other senders are not earthed, i.e. earth is supplied by a separate connection. Pressure senders can be fitted with an additional warning contact in order to Pressure Switches Heavy Duty. 79. Oil Pressure Senders Specification. 80. Oil Line Kits. 80. Pressure Switches for a range of applications. 81. Temperature Switches. 82. Temperature Senders & Switches. 83. Temperature Senders Specification overview. 84. Adaptors, brass. 85. T-Piece Adaptors. 85. Fuel Level Senders the sender tip or bulb will not be immersed in the water flow. Temperature/Pressure Senders: – BEGIN HERE. Fuel Senders: Gauge manufacturers use different ohm ranges when building their fuel senders. The following are typical: VDO makes compatible fuel gauges in some styles. Check the catalog for the style and part Oil Pressure Senders Specification. 55. Pressure Switches - Oil Light. 56. Pressure Switches Heavy Duty. 57. Temperature Switches. 58. Temperature Senders & Switches. 59. Temperature Senders Specification overview. 60. Adaptors, brass. 61. T-Piece Adaptors. 61. Fuel Level Senders. 62. Tank Unit Sender Accessories. o For the 150 psi sending unit, The EIS will calculate pressure to an accuracy of about +/-3 psi over the range of 0-. 80 psi. The actual oil pressure will be 4-8 psi higher than displayed for aux readings of 80-100 o For the 80 psi sending unit, The EIS will calculate pressure to an accuracy of about +/-1.5 psi over the range of 0 Pressure Sender 150 PSI Warning Contact 11.4 PSI 1/8-27 30/15. meu mp“. 0mm. HTP rllllllllllllllllll. 7. 2. Heavy Duty Pressure Switches. 00. 2. 2.; .f Fuel Level Senders a. M f. e “'5 . . m A u 53 w g n 4 n. e u u h h. P a o .W M s G M .L T. llll .l Using TriopticT'“ lighting technology, VDO has panel warping or gauge rotation. Vision offers you 300T VDO ?1 range "Oil" E 310 106. 320°F US. To Sensor. VDO Adaptor Schematic. Note: If using a temperature input on the ADL, the adaptor is not required . Point A is wired to the input pin (SIG) and point B to 0 Volt pin (0V). VDO PRESSURE SENSOR. Title. Sheet No Drawing No. Date. Drawn ST. App. 1 of 3. X07. Products ADL, ECU. 17/05/1999. A. B. A. B The oil pressure sender is installed in the same location as the factory sender or warning light switch. Remember: These gauges measure ohm resistance which is created by the sender. The ohm range of the sender and gauge. MUST MATCH or the gauge will not be accurate. VDO sells many gauges which work with other

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