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Our waveguide flange adapters act as a bridge between different flange patterns with the same waveguide covering the frequency range from 18 to 170 GHz. An E-plane cross section of an assembled choke connection is shown in figure 3. This is the plane cutting each of the broad walls of the waveguide along its centre-line, which is where the longitudinal surface currents—those that must cross the join—are at their strongest. The choke ditch and the gap between the flange Flange fixing bolts, nuts, dowels and O ring seals are also available - details on request. Anti-Cocking Flanges for Millimetric Waveguide Bands. •. Greatly improved performance and repeatability. •. Fully compatible with standard “Mil spec” flanges. The Millimetric flanges in the Series UG-381/U to UG-387/U are notorious for Description. The PE-W12CA002 is a waveguide to coaxial adapter operating in the E Band with a 60 to 90 GHz frequency range. This adapter offers a WR-12 waveguide interface size coupled with a precision tolerance UG-387/U Round Cover flange. The PE-. W12CA002 is constructed of aluminum and plated in gold to E Band (70.5 to 76.5GHz) waveguide power amplifier. • Psat +22 dBm typ. • Gain +25 dB min. • RF Ports: WR-12 with UG387/U-MOD Flange. • Gold Plated Compact Package Design. Applications. • Transmitter Subsystmes. • Military Communications. • Commercial Communications. • Instruments and Test Equipment. Z. 10. MPF10. UG385. 5E-031. MAURY DATA SHEET. MPF DESIGNATION. BAND. EIA WR NUMBER. MATES WITH. Maury Precision Flange Reference Chart Coaxial & Waveguide Adapters. Standard Waveguide Flange Specifications. Dimensions inches mm. A. 5.44. 138.18. B. 8.69. 220.73. E. 2.31. 58.69. F. 1.25. WR-12 UG-387/U Round Cover Flange to 1.0mm Male Waveguide to Coax Adapter Operating From 60 GHz to 90 GHz, E Band from Pasternack Enterprises will ship the same day as it is ordered. Pasternack WR-12 UG-387/U Round Cover Flange to 1.0mm Male Waveguide to Coax Adapter Operating From 60 GHz to 90 Ka-Band Waveguide Components Menu. Waveguide Flange Types - EIA and IEC Standard Flanges. North American EIA Note: Flanges Types shown in Bold are the most common flange type for waveguide size shown, and are the most often used flange configuration on ATM standard products. WG Size, Freq. (GHz) Waveguide Frequency Bands with Interior Dimensions. Frequency Band. R band. D band. S band. E band. G band. F band. C band. H band. X band. X-Ku band. Ku band. K band. K band. Ka band. Q band. U band. V band. E band. W band. F band. D band. G band. Y-band. Waveguide Standard. WR-2300. WR-2100.

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