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Bow Mount Operation. Maintenance. Troubleshooting. Repair Parts and Service. Mount Installations. Trolling Motor Operation. Digital Steering Trolling Motors . E) Power cable. J) Jumper wire. K) 50 amp circuit breaker. Connect the black battery lead from the power cable to the negative (-) post on battery A and the red Find solutions to your motorguide steering cable replacement question. Get free help, tips & support from top experts on motorguide steering cable replacement related issues. 15 Apr 2016 I have broken the steering cable on my foot controlled trolling motor, which is on my 10+year old 16 foot bass boat (information provided as I have no manuals for the trolling motor). I can't imagine it's that difficult to replace, I just haven't ever had the opportunity to replace one. Suggestions are appreciated!! 28 Feb 2016 12 Jun 2015 1 Oct 2016 Well i had a pretty crappy outing today when my trolling motor steering cable snapped right at the heal of my foot. Where can i find a new cable and how difficult is it to replace? I broke the steering cable on my motorguide 46-12 volt. Order a replacement and it is 2 or so inches short. Talked qith a friend who works on boats. He said I could shorten the wires and it will work. He said the hardest part was getting the timing between pedal and motor. The issue i have is there is a lot of So, in Canada last week (NOT the ideal place for this to happen), I had my Motor Guide, Pro Series 75 lb thrust trolling motor steering cable snap. It's a foot control, 24 volt system. 24 years of owning bass boats, this was a first. But, being in the middle of nowhere and having two days to fish, I tried fixing it!

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Motorguide steering cable installation, Motorguide steering cable installation, Albania
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